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What are you cleaning with?

Duet is an all-in-one microfiber dust mop, sweeping broom and multifunctional dustpan. This new product combines essential floor-cleaning tools to bring your home a new level of cleanliness while saving you time, money, energy and storage space.

Microfiber dust mop

The microfiber dust mop glides over wood, laminate, porcelain, tile and other surfaces to capture dirt, dust particles, and pet hair!

Wet mopping your wood, laminate or porcelain floors is a breeze with the interchangeable pads,

from small spills to complete floor mopping duet does it all.

Wet Mop

Sweeping Broom

The microfiber dust mop effortlessly switches to a sweeping broom by simply lifting the broom of the

ground. The durable rubber bristles can now be used to sweep the larger debris into the dustpan or

in wet mopping can be used as a scrubber for stubborn spots..

Self Cleaning Dustpan

By inserting the Duet broom head into the dustpan’s patented cleaning chamber, all dirt, dust, pet/human hair, and debris will be removed, leaving your pad clean and ready for the next mess. There is no immediate pad washing or cloth disposal needed.

Three machine washable and interchangeable cleaning pads for dry,wet and floor polish applications.  

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